Video: Zwaremachine feat Illuminatè Steele – ‘OBSESSION (Animotion Cover)’

A special release for DJ’s everywhere, minimalist EBM group Zwaremachine have released a wonderfully intriguing video featuring a very special cover. The band, whose primary focus has settled on darkwave-infused take on modern EBM, rose from Minnesota's underground scene by forging inventive and hypnotic anthems that centre on dark and futuristic soundscapes.

Reminiscent of acts like Dive, The Klinik, and Clock DVA, their music is eerie and hypnotising, built with lavish cinematic qualities, minimal rhythmic and obsessive structures and loops full of tension. They're a band who have struck upon a new sound, best described as 'Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music', and with it they're set to trash any and all senses of disbelief.

There latest album, 'Be a Light' was stunning release in April this year that completely entranced us, and it’s currently available as a digital download or on CD and cassette. For all digital downloads, head on over the band's Bandcamp page below, while all merch and physical release can be found on their label, Phage Tapes.

Now, Zwaremachine has released a cover of Animotion's classic song 'Obsession' featuring Illuminatè Steele. It’s a industrial take on Animotion’s work and shows just how inventive the band can be.

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