Review: The Twelve AM – ‘Pretty Noise’

With a sound akin to “Buddy Holly and the Crickets on Red Bull and Marshall amps”, Connecticut’s indie rock trio of The Twelve AM are no strangers to high-tempo, steely rock ’n’ roll. Formed in 2017, Christ Champagne, Steven Michels, and Lee D’Ambrosio have carved a unique path through the middle ground of heavy garage rock and more accessible indie anthemics, culminating in the release of their debut album, ‘Pretty Noise’.

A vibrant, riff-packed collection of tracks, ‘Pretty Noise’ takes ten of the band’s finest tracks and packages them into one unrelenting anthology. Rough and ready, The Twelve AM’s debut album brings with it an undeniable rock edge, broadcasting waves of dirty guitar-driven sounds that would make The Replacements proud.

Opening cut ‘Punk Drunk’ is a patchwork of rock styles and eras, loosely stitched together and then thrown into the mixer, while ‘Run With The Bulls’ is a Pixies-esque stampede through art-rock territory. Elsewhere on the album, ‘Empty’ brings some pop energy towards the end of the release, while ‘New Girl’ and ‘Heart Beats’ takes you back to the golden age of indie rock. It’s all scrappy, honest, and undeniable, with each track being refreshingly new and alarming different.

In essence, ‘Pretty Noise’ arrives not as a single, unified vision for the band, but more of an exploration of what they can achieve. The ten tracks present an unwavering assault of rock in all its forms, with the band doing their best to give every track a unique voice and power in the ensuing affray.

‘Pretty Noise’ is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and from the band’s official Bandcamp page, and you can stream it now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Score: 9/10

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