Review: T.A.J. – 'I Am Your Rock’N Roll Man'

Founded in 2013, T.A.J. have managed to become the modern embodiment of simple, no frills, powerfully built rock ‘n’ roll. A band whose very name is no more difficult than standing for Tommy, Andre, and Jimmy, the three principal members of the group, they’ve busily been blazing a trail through the underground of music, only recently popping up on our radar.

We’ve clearly missed a lot. The band have steadily released a new studio album every year since 2013, starting with ‘I Have a Speech’ and carrying on through to 2016’s aptly named ‘No. 4’. Now it’s been another year; 2017 is coming to close, and T.A.J. have not disappointed. With their fifth album just over the horizon, they’re now building anticipation with a deft collection of singles.

Their latest is ‘I Am Your Rock’N Roll Man’, a three-minute epic that is laden full of snarling guitars, thunderous percussion, and a primal energy that just won’t quit. It’s a song that has a bristling, almost palpable anticipation built into it, as the music ramps up and heavy melodies form from a vicious clash of sounds. Like a high octane jam session where creativity can flow freely without rule or order, ‘I Am Your Rock’N Roll Man’ breaks away from the conventional rock formula to become something new and transcending.

It’s rock brilliance free from hang-ups or hindrances, with T.A.J. set loose to create without fear of repercussion. It’s brave, brilliant, and exactly why the underground music scene is so important.

You can stream ‘I Am Your Rock’N Roll Man’ on Spotify now, and grab your own digital copy on iTunes.

Score: 8.5/10

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