Review: DJ Raw B & Luke Sick – ‘Head Chucka’

Friends and musicians, DJ Raw B and Luke Sick are a hip-hop duo from the Bay Area with a penchant for high-flying rap anthems. A duo who have become known for their collaborations and heavy beats, the pair have recently taken the bold step of release their latest album, an eight-track collection titled ‘Born Illness’.

An album that was a year in the making, ‘Born Illness’ is built upon the chemistry between the two artists, and no track on the album is more impressive than ‘Head Chucka’. Instantly captivating, ‘Head Chucka’ brings back the vintage rap vibes of the 90’s, spitting fire over a steady flow of rapid-fire beats. Luck Sick’s unapologetic, gritty delivery and tricky wordplay shines over a relentless series of beats, and from start to finish ‘Head Chucka’ is relentlessly good.

Available now on iTunes, ‘Head Chucka’ is a powerful revitalisation of the now-classic 90’s rap sound, bringing a wave of nostalgia along with a maelstrom of impressive new elements. Both artists unwrap their signature styles on the single and the chemistry between them is obvious and makes for stunning 90’s flavoured anthem. The perfect introduction to both the duo and the album, ‘Head Chucka’ is a defiant example of a rapper and a beat maker proving that they are not going anywhere soon anytime soon.

Score: 8.5/10

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