Listen: Spida Collins – ‘Maze’

An up-and-coming purveyor of ‘Southern Hip-Hop’, Spida Collins is making his mark on music by twisting a familiar genre into something new. An enthusiastic songwriter who found his love of music at the young age of seven, Collins has filled Spotify with the sounds of his debut mixtape, ‘No Wack MC’s’.

Now surrounded by hype after the release of ‘Maze’, Collins is taking his sound from Mount Andrew, Alabama to a whole new generation. A refreshing take on the Hip-Hop genre, ‘Maze’ has become the epitome of Collins’ contemporary sound.

More than just Hip-Hop, 'Maze' brings together elements from the pop world, while also tying in Collin's own background. It's a singular vision, one that is expressed in both the sound and production. Check it out below via Spotify.

Available now on Spotify, it’s the perfect introduction to Collins’ sound, breaching the gap between universally enjoyable and uniquely brilliant.

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