About Broken 8 Records

Broken 8 Records is a rising, independent music site dedicated to promoting, reviewing, and helping out some of the best new talents. Founded on the 26th of November, 2016, we’ve grown fast, amassing over 50,000 dedicated fans and creating a reputation for honest, high-quality work that is built on an unwavering passion for music. Our speciality lies in reviewing music honestly and with the greatest of care, treating every release with the respect and attention it deserves.


 Our website has similarly grown, and Broken 8 Records has now become one of the most trusted and influential websites for independent artists. Since 2019, we’ve also been operating our own independent record store where we specialise in original pressings, rare signed records, and limited edition, coloured variations.

Currently, we also operate Broken 8 Marketing, a dedicated platform where aspiring artists can connect with us and engage with our services. We also happily do some basic free promotion for any artist trying to get their music heard.

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Meet The Team

Thomas Bedward

The founder and current operator of Broken 8 Records, Tom has over a decade of experience with music and writing. After picking up a copy of The Libertine's eponymous album on vinyl way back in 2004, he's been hooked on music and records ever since, amassing a collection of over two hundred LP's, eight of which are sadly no longer with us, hence the name Broken 8 Records.


An ardent music fan ever since, Broken 8 Records was built to give every artist their time in the spotlight.